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Institute Projects
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The Institute develops, coordinates and supports the following projects:
"Languages without boundaries"
The project aimed at popularizing Russian language in Germany. The Institute provides Russian language courses in Germany within the project, it is involved in a cultural activity of Russian non-governmental organizations of Berlin and Brandenburg provinces, is a participant and initiator of executing the events associated with significant dates in the history of Russia in the sphere of culture.
"Cultural Bridge"
The project is focused on promoting cultural values and the interest to the history of St. Petersburg and Russia. The project carries out educational tours to Russia, seminars in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
The project is aimed at promoting cultural values and the interest to the history of Berlin and Germany. The project has conducted numerous thematic and sightseeing tours in Berlin and Potsdam.

The development of business tourism. The Institute encourages the development of professional communication among Russian and German government and public institutions and establishments. The scope of activity - business, cultural and social exchange. Seminars, conferences, "round tables", study trips are conducted under this project. Educational programs are supplemented by excursions and tours in Berlin and other cities in Germany and Europe.

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Next Generation Travel
The principal direction of the project – children and youth travel and recreation.  We offer well thought-out and planned tours for children and young people depending on their age and interests, as well as recreation and studies in children and youth centres. All our programs contain excursions, educational and entertainment part, as well as active recreation for the trip to be remembered for a long time.