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Institute Practical training
Practical training
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Using the wide connections with businesses in Germany, the Institute offers undergraduate,   postgraduate and graduate students the opportunity of traineeship at these enterprises.
When entering the higher education institution, taking the selection for the scholarship, getting or participating in the competition for the prestigious post –the most likely way to succeed is to have better qualifications than others. In the professional competence, the skills acquired by the candidates during probations and practical trainings are considered to be the most important. Being trained in Germany, you will get a lot of advantages, namely, the experience gained in practice in a particular field of activity, professional development of German language, the ability to fulfil your potential and acquire useful contacts, both professional and personal, as well as to get acquainted with prospective employers. The applicants, trained in Germany and received a relevant certificate, have a privileged status.
You will be able to undertake 1 to 6 months period internship relevant to your specific job preparation, skills and interests. We will select the appropriate company, help you avoid a lot of "hidden dangers" associated with paperwork and specifics of German business culture, we will choose the place of residence according to your needs. The Institute will help you in learning German language and give support not only when entering but also during the entire period of probation. In most cases, the practice at enterprises in Germany is not paid, but there are possible options of paid traineeship.

Applying is preliminary. Submittal target - at least 3 months before the desired start of traineeship.
The following documents in German are necessary for applying the traineeship:
• The completed form for the program "Preparing for Practice"; Application form is here   
• CV;
• Documents supporting your academic qualifications;
• Certificates of proficiency in German. Required minimum: the level C1;
• Covering letter with a brief description of experience in the relevant field and your preferences regarding practice, terms and content;
• Invoice payment for the program "Preparing for Practice", in accordance with your selected service;

So, if you want to undertake the traineeship in Germany, decide all your questions now! The sooner we receive your request, the more optimal variant of your probation will be selected.