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Institute Courses and seminars
Courses and seminars
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BRISE - institute offers participating in workshops held in Berlin.
A wide range of workshops offered by the Institute has pronounced practical focus and provides students with practice-oriented knowledge in critical areas of international relations and administration spheres in Germany.
Program of the seminars are intended to the transfer of skills of German companies, the consideration of innovative aspects in the development of German industry and education, rating general recognition in the world. Much attention is also paid to the presentation of new trends in economy, social and business life in Germany.
Training and practice involve thematic sets of lectures, visiting enterprises and educational institutions, as well as meetings with representatives of ministries, administrations, educational and social organizations.
Seminars are prepared for different primary audience and designed for:
- Top and middle managers, industrialists and owners of companies;
-  Government workers;
- University students groups and delegations;
Seminars and workshop sessions are conducted by experienced teachers from German universities, representatives of the largest industrial companies, consultants, practitioners.
Effective communication with foreign speakers is supported by professional interpreters.
The program is developed with due consideration of individual interests of each group, and is accompanied with excursions and thematic events realized in Germany and other European countries.    To read more ...
On completing the seminars, international certificates are issued.
Topics of seminars and training exercises brought to your notice:
• Practical management of innovations, exemplified by economy of Western Europe;
• Manufacturing and quality;
• Innovations in machinery manufacturing;
• Management of environmental and sustainable development;
• Innovation in agriculture and food production;
• Educational system in Germany;
• Housing and utilities - innovation and management;
• Production logistics;
• Management in hotel and restaurant industry;
• Retail business in Germany;
• Means of communications and mass media in Germany;
• Healthcare service. The German experience;
• Social work and management in the social sphere;
• Management in the sphere of culture and mass communications;
• German language and culture;
• World War II – history lessons;
The seminar themes can be enhanced upon request.
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We appreciate the participation in seminars carried out by the Institute, and thank for support and the opportunity given by the following enterprises:
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