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Institute BRISE-Travel
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In order your educational program to be more exciting, intense and memorable; we have developed the BRISE-Travel project which complements it with thematic and sightseeing activities.
Thus, all of our programs provide an opportunity not only to receive the necessary knowledge for your chosen topic, but also to learn the culture of Germany and Europe, see the sights in various European cities, have a good rest and spend your free time interesting.
A team of professionals involved in the project, has been successfully engaged in tourism activities for many years. It consists of competent managers, interpreters, experienced professional drivers, as well as the best tour guides and sightseen who have extensive experience, keen of its activities, loving the cities they talk about, enabling to make the excursion to a real performance, being remembered with gratitude .
You will have the opportunity to take part in group and individual general and thematic tours, not only in Berlin, but also in other German cities. We also offer tours to different museums and galleries in Germany, particularly in Berlin, Potsdam and Dresden.
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As an optional to the educational program, we can offer our participants tours in Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, France and Italy. If you wish, 1-3 day trip to one of the countries above mentioned can be included to your program.
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Use the expertise of professionals and make your trip unforgettable!