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Brise Institut - высшее образование в Германии

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Brise Institute - Higher education in Germany

Educational programs provide students with practical knowledge


Brise Institute - Higher education in Germany

We have developed the Brise-Travel project which complements it with thematic activities.


In order your educational program to be more exciting, intense and memorable; we have developed the BRISE-Travel project which complements it with thematic and sightseeing activities.Thus, all of our programs provide an opportunity not only to receive the necessary knowledge for your chosen topic, but also to learn...

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Brise Institute – education in Germany, Institute for Continuing Education
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The growing influence of economic integration of Western and Eastern Europe and Asia, their further political and social rapprochement necessitate the expansion of cultural and scientific relations in training specialists in various fields of social development. BRISE-Institute, Berlin, has contributed much to this task.
BRISE-Institute is an educational and consulting establishment.
The Institute is engaged in organizing and carrying out:
• educational programs in Germany;
• professional development programs;
• workshops and specialization courses;
• research and practice conferences;
• language and intercultural training;
• advisory services regarding educational problems;
• preparation for university studies in Germany;
• traineeship in Germany;
• negotiation training and negotiating process supporting;
• cultural and social exchange;
• conference and business tourism;
BRISE-Institute provides training and professional development programs with a regard of specific features of the student contingent. For the representatives from the countries of Eastern Europe and Asia, the education and advanced training programs are developed intentionally, taking into consideration linguistic, cultural and other peculiarities and traditions.
Specialists of the BRISE Institute cooperate with a number of leading educational institutions in Germany and with industry functional corporations and firms. The Institute offers an opportunity of traineeship at modern enterprises by using the recent developments in science that allows getting acquainted with high-tech manufacturing processes and helps to obtain both knowledge and experience for further efforts to modernize production and management. The Institute has a gust of its partners and works upon developing and strengthening of business and constructing collaboration in Germany and other European countries.
Nomenclature areas of education and professional development.
• Management of innovation and modernization processes.
• Management of international economic and social relations.
• Management of enterprises and processes in manufacturing, public services and social security.
• Management of environmental and sustainable development.
Sectors of economy and social sphere, covered with educational programs and practices.
• Machinery manufacturing.
• Automobile manufacturing.
• Advanced materials, design and technology of their application.
• Education, public and social services.
• Construction, design and architecture.
• Chemical industry.
• Healthcare service, medicine and pharmaceutical industry.
• Applied research and innovation.
• Tourism.
• Ecology.
Offices and training rooms of the institute are located in Berlin and Potsdam.
Office: Clara-Schumann-Str. 23 14480 Potsdam
Classes are held in Berlin: Kleiststraße, 23-26, 10 787 Berlin (near KaDeWe)
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